Museums & Heritage

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is located in Astana. The museum opened on July 2, 2014 in a 74,000 square meter building.

The museum of the first President of Kazakhstan is located in the president’s former residence and offers a unique insight into the birth of a nation and its progress through time. The exhibits reveal …

Saken Seifullin Museum– The largest museum in Kazakhstan dedicated to the activity of Saken Seyfullin locates in Astana and its location has the special purpose. …

The Museum of the Presidential Center of Culture is not only for the exhibits that reflect the historical development of Kazakhstan it is an excellent opportunity to understand the past and the present of the Republic.

The museum of Modern Art, earlier known as the regional Museum of Fine Arts of Akmola, was opened on October 2, 1980 for public access, in honour of the 25th anniversary of virgin and fallow land reclamation.

The Has Sanat art gallery in Astana displays an eclectic mix of foreign and local artists to capital residents – but beyond being just a …